A group of consumers and producers in East Texas. Built for efficient and cost effective sales for producers and simple one stop shopping for the consumer. Tyler Farm to Table REKO RING is a locally curated curbside market of consumable items such as meat, dairy, produce and body care. We connect local East Texas farmers and producers with the community of Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas.

REKO stands for ‘Fair Consumption’ and is a trade model originally created in Finland. In short, it is a Facebook-based pre-ordering system for local products.

Shop: Sunday-Friday on our Facebook page

Pick Up: Saturday 9-10am

-Pasture Raised Poultry

-Grass Finished Beef

-Pasture Raised Pork

-Grass Finished Lamb

-Fryer Rabbit


-Chicken Eggs

-Duck Eggs

-Quail Eggs

-Raw Dairy, Milk, Yogurt

-Goat Milk

-Sourdough Bread

-Baked Goods

-Natural Body Products


-Fresh Made Salads

-Freshly made Jams

-Salad Dressings

-Pickled Items


-Cut Flowers

-Local Honey


-Goat Soap


5800 Eagles Nest Blvd.
Tyler, TX 75703

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