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A Total Solar Eclipse

Mark your Calendars: Monday, April 8, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable Solar Eclipse Weekend on April 5-8! 🌑✨ Immerse yourself in the cosmic wonders of nature and witness this breathtaking celestial event.

-Tyler, Texas will be a premier viewing destination.

-The 2024 eclipse will be the first total eclipse that has been visible in Tyler since 1878.

-This will be the last total eclipse of the millennium visible in Tyler


Check out our Podcast for Totality Tyler– Join Cindy Smoak and co-host Sheridan Smith as they visit with Beau Hartweg, Director of the Tyler Junior College Earth and Space Science Center featuring Hudnall planetarium. Beau visits with the Rambling Roses about the partial eclipse happening in Tyler, October 14, 2023 and the total eclipse on April 8, 2024.

Your weekend ’til totality:

Downtown, Tyler

April 8th, 2024

Join us in the heart of beautiful downtown Tyler for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Downtown Tyler Total Eclipse Viewing Event!

We’ve prepared a unique and unforgettable celebration for you to enjoy this celestial wonder:

-Live Music

-Downtown Business Involvement: Many of our downtown businesses will be participating in the festivities. Explore the various shops, boutiques, and restaurants that line the charming streets of downtown Tyler. Special eclipse-themed promotions and unique offerings will be available, making this a perfect opportunity for shopping and dining.

TJC Earth & Space Science Center Planetarium Shows

April 6 “Star Party Saturday”

Telescopes will be available for viewing (weather permitting) and there will be astronomy buffs to help you navigate your way around the night sky.  Free live planetarium shows will be offered in our domed theater at 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00PM.  Tickets are free, but reservations are recommended.
*In the event of inclement weather, telescopes may not be available, but the planetarium shows will still be offered

Going on Now. Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 am-4:00 pm (Closed Sunday & Monday) Planetarium Shows

-Science Through Shadows

-Eclipse the Sun Revealed

East Texas Symphony Orchestra- Totality of the Sun

April 6, 2024 Rogers Palmer Performing Arts Center at Tyler Junior College

Matinee 4:00 pm and Evening Performances 7:30 pm

To purchase tickets, use the link below.

Discovery Science Place

Saturday, Apr. 6 –
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead
Sunday, Apr. 7 –
Hourly Planetarium Shows
Monday, Apr. 8 –
Special Activities inside DSP, Hourly Planetarium Shows, & Viewing Location for the Eclipse!

Glasses available $3.00 at the front desk.

Liberty Hall- Space Balls Movie

April 5, 2024 7:00 pm

Liberty Hall, a charming and historic theatre nestled in the heart of Tyler, is your destination for an out-of-this-world experience during the Totality Tyler Solar Eclipse Event. Join us for a special screening of the cult classic comedy “Spaceballs.” This iconic Mel Brooks film will have you laughing your way through the celestial spectacle as you witness the total solar eclipse in all its glory.

Broadway Square Mall

April 8, 2024

Join us at Broadway Square Mall for the Totality Tyler Solar Eclipse Event! We’ve set up an exclusive viewing location, and the first 1,000 attendees will receive complimentary eclipse glasses to safely observe the eclipse. Enjoy this rare celestial event at our spacious outdoor setting, and take advantage of our dining and shopping options. Don’t miss this unique experience at Broadway Square Mall!

Lunar Lunch on the Lawn- Goodman Museum

April 8, 2024

Enjoy lunch on the lawn and watch the sky get dark. Tickets include lunch, lawn games, music and solar eclipse glasses.

To purchase call or visit the museum: (903) 531-1286

Tyler Azalea & Spring Flower Trail

March 22-April 8, 2024

Visit Tyler each spring when we celebrate the season with more than ten miles of residential gardens and historic home-sites covered with azaleas, tulips, wisteria, dogwood, and more. This annual spring event has been described as a floral wonderland and a photographer’s paradise. The Azalea & Spring Flower Trail takes place in March and April each year. Springtime in Tyler is one of the best times of the year to stroll the brick streets and enjoy the beauty of the area.

903 Rave Squad Concert- Totality

April 7, 2024 Time TBA

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of 903 Rave Squad as they light up Bricks Bar & Grill with a concert unlike any other. This isn’t your typical rave; it’s a fusion of eclectic sounds that defy categorization, creating an atmosphere of pulsating energy and vibrant visuals.

As the neon lights dance across the venue, the diverse crowd comes together for a night of shared musical exploration. The curated playlist, blending electronic beats and live instrumentation, takes the audience on a journey of sonic bliss, fostering connections and transforming strangers into dance partners.

Themed food & shopping:

Coming Soon


A total solar eclipse produces a 360-degree sunset, dark enough to see planets, bright stars and the sun’s corona.

You must be in the “path of totality” which includes Tyler, Texas. **Important note. Not all of Tyler is in the path. See the map.

Total Eclipse in April 2024 – Approximately 2.5 hours with 2 minutes of totality.

Partial Eclipse in October 2023 – Approximately 3 hours from start to finish.

Stay tuned. Lots of planning in action!

The only safe way of looking directly at the sun, whether during a solar
eclipse or otherwise, is through certified solar filters. These special filters are used in “eclipse glasses.”

This does NOT include sun glasses.

Extra Special for a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE
During a total solar eclipse, you can take your glasses off and
look directly at the sun during the short time when the moon
completely obscures the sun -known as the “period of totality.”

But, remember to put your glasses back on to protect your eyes as the period of totality
ends and the event returns to a partial eclipse phase.

Stay tuned for a list of places to purchases glasses.

-BINOCULARS/TELESCOPE Safe to use when paired with solar filters, or when projecting on to white cardboard.

-Make a safe sun projector to watch solar eclipses: Materials: Binoculars or a telescope, tripod, duct tape, sheet of white paper, cardboard.

-Pinhole Projection

For a total eclipse to occur, the sun, moon and Earth must be in a direct line.

A total solar eclipse is visible from a small area on earth. The moon covers up the
sun, causing the sky to become very dark as if it were night.

In order to see the full effect of the total solar eclipse, you must be in the “Path of Totality.” If you are outside of that path, you will see a partial eclipse.

There is a complete listing of restaurants available at the Visitor’s Center (315 North Broadway) or here on our site.

You can locate a hotel, bed and breakfast, or RV/campground here on our site.

We are planning a number of activities working up to the eclipse and on the day of the event. We will be updating this page with a calendar, as our plans come into place.

Visit our online calendar for details or the Experience Tyler page for more ideas.

Yay, we are so excited. Please submit your business to Sheridan at ssmith@tylertexas.com.

Information courtesy of Tyler Junior College, The Earth and Space Science Center.
Totality Tyler branding courtesy of Trey Cobb.