The Rose Complex includes what is now Harvey Convention Center, the Rose Garden Center, East Texas State Fairgrounds, the old Mayfair Building, and the surrounding areas designed by Fitzpatrick Architects. Altogether, the venue will offer more than 60,000 square feet of meeting space. The first phase of the plan is expected to start summer of 2021 and be completed by Rose Festival season, October 2022. It will include a new convention center to be built and pushed back toward the middle of the complex, a more efficient configuration inside and outside of the convention center, and a large green space in the front to create an inviting entrance to the complex. The vision of this plan will also increase mobility, parking and safety, entertainment, athletic facilities, neighborhood connectivity, as well as beautify the area with green space and landscaping.


Rose Complex Conference Center (Coming Soon)

Mayfair Building

Indoor/Outdoor Venue Space

Football Field

Baseball Field

East Texas State Fairgrounds


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