Each ZipLine Tour lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Tours are available for ages 5 and up. Certain restrictions apply.

This company asks all of their guest to arrive 30 minutes prior to their appointment time to get checked in. It is very important that you arrive on time so that you do not miss your tour.

Each ZipLine guest will be with well trained and experienced Zip Guides that will fit each guest with a harness, helmet and all the appropriate gear that is needed for your Zipline tour. Your safety is our biggest concern. Your Zip guides will handle the zipline gear at all times to ensure your safety.

Once you arrive at New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures,  you will begin with “ground school” where your guide will demonstrate and teach  you  all the procedures you will need to know for a safe and thrilling  ZipLine Adventure. Each guest will practice on a cable that is close to the ground until they learn the  proper  breaking  system used.   From there, you will zip from tree top to tree top and on the longest ZipLine that is  more than  940 ft. long and over 100ft. above the ground. Through the canopy of the trees and high above them….WHAT A THRILL!  There are two small  hikes  between the last two platforms which will give you an up close look at the natural environment that surrounds you.

The staircases are user friendly and easy to climb.

Texas Zipline Adventures encourages you to bring your camera or video. Your picture will be taken by a member of our staff and with your permission, placed on their New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures Facebook page where you may get them for FREE.

New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures is a member of the ACCT – Association for Challenge Course Technology. Their facility and equipment has a yearly inspection and  meets or exceeds all industry standards. Their guides inspect all equipment and ride the zipline course daily before each use.


7290 CR 4328
Larue, TX 75770


Phone: (903) 681-3791