M6 is a winery, tasking room, and gift shop offering the best of Texas grown and produced wine. For centuries, wine has been associated with the finer things in life: festivities, celebrations, and special occasions. There’s just something about wine that tends to make an event more special. From the miracle at Cana, when Jesus turned water into wine, to a dinner with family and friends today, wine is seen as a symbol of joy and celebration.

At M6 we ask, why not make every day special? Why not choose to celebrate your life and all its simple pleasures? Why not turn an ordinary dinner into a fine dining experience?

Some say that wine is for special occasions only, and we agree… because every day can be a special occasion. Join the M6 Family and celebrate your life with us!


201 W. Main
Bullard, TX 75757


PHONE: (903) 710-2130

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