Lake Tyler (or Lake Tyler West) and Lake Tyler East are located adjacent to each other, connected via a canal.

Popular recreational activities include boating, water skiing, fishing, camping at Camp Tyler, hiking and swimming.

In addition, numerous homesites and waterfront lots make this a popular residential area with unlimited real estate options, from weekend camps to year-round upscale homes.

Lake Tyler (West), built in 1949, covers 2,224 surface acres and serves as the major source of water supply to the Tyler metro area.

Lake Tyler (East), completed in 1966, covers an additional 2,276 acres.

The maximum depth of the lakes is 40 feet, and the average depth is about 17.6 feet. The conservation pool elevation is 375 feet above mean sea level. Fluctuation is about 2 feet.

It has storage capacity of over 15 billion gallons (43,500 acre feet) at spillway elevation, and a watershed area of 42 square miles (27,000 acres).

Lake Tyler is located on Prairie Creek, a tributary of Mud Creek, and lies in the Angelina River watershed.