Since 1950, Gray’s Home Fashion Gallery has been the premier furniture, accessory and design gallery to meet all your personal style needs. Gray’s offers luxurious and timeless pieces to help showcase your style.

As they say, there’s strength in numbers – which probably explains why Gray’s Home Fashion Gallery is Tyler’s standard-bearer of great taste and high design. For over 60 years, Gray’s has been furnishing Tyler’s most prestigious addresses, outfitting and accessorizing them in fresh and novel ways. We’ve built a business around committing to high standards and great customers, who have allowed us to turn the most perplexing question marks into punctuated perfection.
And that’s how we’ve lasted so long. In fact, ever since 1950, Gray’s has been as much about the people as it has been about the product. Our people, like your people, are a closely-knit family. Just as a great room requires a unique blend of elements to make it come alive, so does a great design team require a special blend of talents, tastes, and strengths. It’s our people (and our products) that offer your home a winning formula, one that we hope will endure for another 60-plus years.


2301 S. Broadway Ave.

Suite B12
Tyler, TX 75701


PHONE: (903) 561-1033