The American Dog Horn Museum is preserving a part of the toolset of everyday life of the settlers and ancestors of our great country. What many do not realize is that horn was the plastic of the day. It was used for just about everything and was one of the easiest natural materials to shape and carve. It was used to make spoons and many other cooking tools, combs, needles, cups, flasks, and jars. It was also used for the only real form of long range communication in those times (calling horns, dog horns, hunting horns). As technology progressed, the horn became rare. While the museum’s focus is on the Dog Horn (used to call hunting dogs), they have all kinds of calling horns and make many by hand, while also searching the world for antiques. Some are plain horns while others have scrimshaw artwork and a few has some very interesting history.
Along with the museum, they also host hunting terrier dog trials at the facility. These dog trials focus on the dogs’ abilities and training as a hunter, including tracking, treeing, go to ground, retrieving, high jump, water work, a race track, and baying. They use these events to help support the museum and to tie in the historical importance of the Hunting Horn.
The museum is open for walk ins during competitions and by appointment other times.


5050 County Road 382
Tyler, TX 75708


PHONE: (903) 539-0455